AAP says: Most ear infections don’t need antibiotics

In Health, Kids, Myth Busted, Who knew?! on July 27, 2009 at 5:15 am

Well call me a cookie and fill me with chips:

The guidelines stress that about 8 in 10 children with ear infections get better with no antibiotics at all.

Oh and get this, not only do most ear infections not need antibiotics, but what you should *really* treat with kiddo ear infections is the PAIN of said infection, and that antibiotics *at most* shave a day off of the actual infection itself.

Standard disclaimers apply: use your best judgment and consult your doctor before doing anything rash.

AAP Guidelines

*note: don’t take my word for it, confront your doctor on it. I’m not a doctor, just a mom.

  1. Ear infections do occur from time to time. You can use some home remedies that includes herbal anti-microbials as wells as over the counter antibiotics. Xylitol is also great agains ear infection. **;:.

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