Stonyfield Farm makes whole milk yogurt in a tub!

In Kids, Who knew?! on July 27, 2009 at 5:24 am

It was an educational trip to the grocery today:

1. I learned the AE no hormones thing. Cool.

2. I discovered that Stonyfield Farm makes plain whole milk yogurt in tub sizes, it’s like getting an extra tub of baby yogurt free, and you get to control how much sugar is in it. It’s highway robbery for whole milk yogurt at our grocery anyway, this discovery just means I don’t have to drive across town to buy baby yogurt anymore (unless I’m going there anyway, for diapers. Yea, I’m picky that way).

Of course, if we were being really honest it’d be cheaper to just *make* whole milk yogurt, which I have done, and it’s good. I am a paragon of laziness, however, so store bought it is.


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