If all goes well, a bright new day for Koha

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2010 at 2:37 pm

I spend a lot of time virtually hanging around with the folks in the Koha Community. A huge issue of late has been the decision of LibLime to fork Koha, causing no end of hand wringing, pontificating, and worry on both the part of the community and by the customers of LibLime.

Let’s face it, by the end the support was terrible (we got more help from the community, thanks folks, you really saved us), interpersonal relations between clients and LibLime were strained at best, and we were facing the prospect of moving to a codebase that we felt had no future (LibLime Enterprise Koha). My institution was in a VERY bad place, stuck on a version of Koha that our vendor basically refused to support or update, but unwilling to move to the product they marketed to us as the ILS to end all FOSS ILS’s. I was dismayed that LibLime was holding the koha.org domain and website(s) hostage from the community. I was discouraged in the Open Source model LibLime was selling to us, because I knew it could be better (in fact, LibLime itself had executed the Open Source model quite well only a few months prior).

With the recent acquisition of LibLime by PTFS, I sincerely hope that we can put all of these concerns to rest and work in harmony with our vendor and the Koha community. I hope that the LLEK code can spread its wings and be released to the community (what a great contribution and show of good faith that would be!). I hope that the domain and intellectual properties that should be assigned to the community make their way back home to Horowhena Library Trust (the holding entity for the Koha Community Assets before a foundation is formed). I hope that we get the support, the access, and the relationships with our vendor that we want and need. I hope that PTFS continues their congenial “coopetition” in the community, and makes their contributions available to the community in a timely manner.

I am very hopeful that in time, I won’t have to hope. It will be reality.


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